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CTi Custom
Ultimate combination of stabilisation and protection of the knee joint
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  Note: The company no longer provides customisation service for CTi Custom.   This page is for information only.


As the most prescribed custom brace in the world, CTi is demanded by top athletes and respected by leading physicians. Hand-laminated carbon composite frame, Total Support System, and anatomically correct Accutrac hinges are all hallmarks of a CTi brace which is built to perform.

CTi sets the standard for truly custom ligament bracing for more than 20 years. And now, this classic has been further improved to include a host of new improvements, like the bio-inert Ossur Sensil® Silicone to reduce migration and skin irritation and SensEdge overmolding to eliminate pressure points.

CTi custom knee braces are avaliable in 3 models - Vapor, Standard and Pro Sport and can be customised with a variety options, colours and accessories. With the most extensive custom paint programme in the industry, it gives patients great freedom of expression.
  ACL, MCL, LCL, PCL, rotary and combined instabilities
  Vapor model for low to medium impact levels
  Standard model for medium to high impact levels
  Pro Sport model for highest impact levels
Accutrac™ Hinge
Anatomically-correct Accutrac™ hinge produces an advance and natural multi-centric joint motion
Sensil® Silicone Padding
Breathable Sensil® padding is made of proprietary silicone technology integrated with an Aerospacer base mesh fabric that eliminates migration
SensEdge Overmolding
Skin-friendly SensEdge overmolding improves comfort by softening hard edges and removing pressure points at buckles and cuff
Flexible Lower Medial Cuff
Flexible lower medial cuff provides increased protection against rotational forces and is breathable for added comfort
  Total Support System™ (see below) for ACL, MCL, LCL, PCL, rotary & combined instabilities. Give excellent protection against knee injuries. In case of patient who suffers knee instability due to partial or complete torn ligament, stabilises the injured knee.

  Hand-laminated, carbon composite, rigid frame construction. Ideal for high impact sports

  Interior buckles for a more streamlined, lower profile

   Custom-fabricated to each patient's unique measurements

   Non-corrosive materials, ideal for water sports

   Choice of 12 standard colors available at no extra cost

   Limited lifetime warranty on frame and hinges. One year fit guarantee.
Total Support System™
Most of our ligament bracing solutions, including the CTi® knee brace, feature the Total Support System™. This unique system has been tested and proven by hundreds of thousands of patients and premier athletes worldwide.
  ACL support
The tibial capture system (lower arrow) encompasses the tibia and parallels the tibial crest to help inhibit anterior and pivotal tibial excursion caused by ACL laxity. The non-elastic upper cruciate strap (upper arrow) provides an opposing force on the femur to help stabilize the knee
  MCL & LCL support
A 6-point system provides excellent medial and lateral support. The rigid lateral arms on the brace frame, condylar support at the joint, non-elastic straps and lower medial cuff combine to help control medial and lateral instability. Arrow 1s indicate LCL support; arrow 2s indicate MCL support.
  PCL support
The rigid femoral component of the frame (upper arrow) and non-elastic lower cruciate strap (lower arrow) stabilize the PCL. If needed, a PCL strap/pad option can be added to apply additional pressure to the thigh. An anatomically-shaped Gastroc Force Plate is included with this option to provide an opposing force to the calf.

  CTi® Vapor (Low to moderate impact)

Weight: 624g

- Lightest weight, best solution for most patients
- Ideal support for everyday activities (walking, jogging, lifting objects, etc.)
- Ideal for smaller partients participating in sports
- Not recommended for extreme impact activities

  CTi® Standard (Moderate to high impact)

Weight: 680g

- Best compromise of weight and impact resistance
- Ideal support for very active, average-to-large size patients participating in sports
- Not recommended for largest patients participating in extreme impact activities

  CTi® Pro Sport (Highest impact)

Weight: 765g

- Highest density of carbon fibres, most rigid
- Best solution for largest patients participating in extreme impact sports
- Not recommended for activities where brace weight would be a hindrance
- Not recommended for small-to-average size patients

Lifetime warranty (original patient only) for frame and hinge components to be free from defects in materials and workmanship. 6 months warranty for straps, liners/covers, sleeves, return cords, hinge coatings and other soft components to be free from defects in materials and workmanship.

Colours and Custom Paint Options

Twelve Standard Colors

Not only are CTi braces functional, they look great too. You have a choice of 12 standard colors at no extra cost.

CTi Custom Paint

CTi can be custom airbrushed in a variety of colors and designs. Each custom colored brace is individually hand-painted and can be made to match most sports equipment and active wear. Custom braces can be painted in team colors and logos can be placed on them if they meet Innovation Sports design specifications. Additional fee applies for custom paint option.

Brace Options
Super Short Frame   PCL Opposition System   ACL Cable System
A shorter version of the CTI brace optimizing comfort and function for patients under 5'3".
The PCL opposition system incorporates a femoral horseshoe extension and an anatomically-designed opposing gastroc force plate to help reduce posterior drawer.
A dynamic system which applies additional stability to the ACL as the leg moves into full extension.
Hyperextension Strap   Flexion Stop Kit   Ski Boot Attachment
A fifth strap designed to help provide additional resistance for patients with recurvatum.
Used in conjunction with the Accutrac™ hinge to provide 0 -90° of flexion control
Rod and piston mechanical attachment used to link the CTi brace to a ski boot, aiding in the prevention of rotational injuries.
AMS Wrap   Patella Cup   Gear Guard
Anti Migration System (AMS) wrap is a circumferential neoprene or evazote wrap designed to aid in brace suspension
A protective knee cup designed to shield the patella from flying rocks and debris common to sports like motorcross and mountain biking.
A protective exterior wrap for the Accutrac™ hinge designed to reduce wear-and-tear on riding leathers and bike graphics.
Soft Sleeve   Sport Sleeve   Neoprene Undersleeve
A breathable under sleeve designed to provide patient comfort.
A breathable undersleeve designed to provide patient comfort. The contoured shape and elastic band aid in the suspension of the sleeve.
Designed to provide maximum warmth and compression. The diamond shaped lycra popliteal cutout provides relief from material bunching in flexion.
Neoprene Oversleeve   Padded Oversleeve   Motorcross Kit
A neoprene oversleeve designed to act as a protective covering for the brace for close contact sports.
An oversleeve designed to act as a protective covering for any sports that require the padding of any exposed rigid components.
Used to optimize the CTi for motorcross, kit includes: patella cup, gear guards and sport sleeves.
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